Austin Humanists at work is operating with modified giveaways. Please check out our Next Giveaway page for all the details.

Put some brightly colored things on the outside of your bags.

From time to time we run a “Just Because Bags” drive to give a little extra back to the community to show we’re thinking of them.  “Just Because Bags” are a great activity to do with children, scouting troops, or as a community activity.  Here is what you need:

Brown paper bags, stickers,  markers, and items we don’t normally give or have a limited amount of at the giveaways like:

  • Post cards, note cards
  • Postage stamps
  • Bus passes – HOW TO BUY
  • small flash lights/ head lamps – LIKE THESE
  • meal kits – LIKE THESE
  • $5 Gift Cards to Subway, 7 Eleven, McDonalds, Walmart, HEB…
  • Hand Warmers
  • Hat/ Gloves
  • Gum
  • Puzzle books with pens
  • A card with a kind sentiment written inside
  • Adult size masks

While everyone is more than welcome to bring them to our Giveaways, we also have places for you to drop off or get pick-ups from our pick-up volunteers. Please email our donations coordinator if you need us to pick up, or locations to drop off:

Thank you!

Here are the bags on the line ready to be given away.