At the end of 2022, Austin Humanists at Work will cease operations and disband. We have gone through tremendous structural changes that began when the pandemic hit. We pivoted several times to continue serving individuals experiencing homelessness in Austin — and accomplished an incredible feat in serving thousands of meals and individual basic living items to those in need.

Ultimately, the board has voted to allocate the final remaining funds to The Charlie Center. This invaluable nonprofit navigation center in North Austin has been a partner in feeding, housing and helping navigate life transformations for individuals experiencing homelessness. We encourage our past volunteers and donors to consider supporting their work.

More from immediate past president Virginia Miller:

“I want to thank everyone who made AHAW what it was over the years, Angelique Lugo, Laura Tanner, Betsie Eikenberry, Emilie Lutostanski, Matt Lutostanski, Kelly Buczek, Jenifer Moore, Kayla Guentzel, Mike Guentzel…. All these folks gave the organization brains, all the volunteers were the breath of life, and the folks we served the heart of it all. It was a lot of fun y’all!”

Thank you BIG thank you to every single person who has volunteered and donated to our mission over the years. We’re incredibly grateful for the experience and all of your hard work and dedication.

Austin Humanists at Work says goodbye. Thanks to our supporters and volunteers.

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