Our first giveaway of the year is officially in the books!

The weather was cold on the morning of January 23rd, but the “good mornings” that our guests were greeted with, were warm and straight from the heart. 

After a few days of brutal cold in Austin Texas, our volunteers arrived with hats, gloves, hand warmers, and our usual selection of living necessities (toiletries, underwear, bug spray, lip balm) to provide some much-needed items to our clients.

A special “thank you” goes out to all the knitters out there who provide us with hats and scarves to help keep our clients warm throughout the winter.

Better Together brought delicious hot breakfast tacos to help warm them up, and a random good Samaritan stopped by with some loaves of bread from Central Market to help feed people throughout the week.

All together 97 folks stopped by for breakfast and 91 perused the living necessities line.

Thanks to our 15+ volunteers for their time, we couldn’t help all of these folks without you. We anticipate another cold giveaway in February, so we will be back with cold-weather items and hope to see you there.  

January 2022 Giveaway: event recap and thank you!

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