Thank you October Giveaway crew: Betsie, Olivia, Kat, Matt and Daniel

Happy October with November almost here, we hope everyone is keeping warm. The Winter Warmth Drive is well underway and a large donation of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and half of the blankets we reported about last month is all out into the community. We distributed them to not only Central Austin, but up the North I35 corridor to people along our EAT bag distribution route. We had a skeleton volunteer crew of 6, and handed out 180 personal care bags, amongst the other items like the camping gear mentioned, hats, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, phone charging plugs, and cables, and also the return of our coffee and water table. Thank you Kat for bring it back.

Thank you shout outs to Denise, Ann, Mike, Hale, Buy Nothing Project communities all over the area, and those who have reached out over the last month. Thank you again and again to Masks in Austin for donating 30 masks which have been handed out to those at our Central giveaways and EAT bag distribution locations. As always we are very thankful and proud being a Beyond Belief Network team and thank Foundation Beyond Belief for your continued support. Thank you to all who have helped behind the scenes keeping our organization going, thank you Wendy and Micah for portioning body wipes this month.

Thank you October EAT Bag Distribution Team: Matt, Cory, Nicole, Kat S., Liz, Sejal, Kat, David

Since August 23rd, ATXHAW has been picking up shelf stable food bags from the Eat Apart Together initiative. We have been doing this every Sunday, and even on Giveaway weekends. We have been picking up 70- 15lb food bags, 70 gallons of water, and distributing them to 10 different location up the I-35 corridor, north of 183. Our volunteers are getting to know those we serve and also try to help them with to other things they may need. We are hoping to connect some with much needed services from area agencies.

Keep a look out this November for giving Tuesday! Our organization is working hard to bring much needed personal care, tents, sleeping bags… to those experiencing homelessness and limited means. We also work to bridge the gap to much needed resources folks are looking for since communication to local agencies is even harder due to COVID, shelter closures, and library closures. We would like to do all we can to help folks find the resources they need and help them live during that process. Email for more information on how you can donate.

Our next EAT bag distribution dates; Sunday, November 1th, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th

Our next ATXHAW Giveaway is Sunday, November 22th, 2020

If you’re interested in volunteering for EAT distribution or Giveaways, please email us at

Visit our Donate page for all we accept for donation.

Have a wonderful October everyone!

October 25th, 2020 Giveaway Recap

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