Our next event will be the Week of Action Virtual 5K: Team Austin Humanist at Work. Have you been walking outside? Are you a runner, walker, or hiker? Have you done any virtual runs yet? If you can answer any of those questions, you can take part in Austin Humanists at Works Week of Action Virtual 5K. We will be raising funds through GoFundMe that will benefit Foundation Beyond Belief.

We have been a proud Beyond Belief Network (BBN)team member through Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) for six years. They have been integral to the growth of our organization. FBB was started in 2009 as a means for humanists to give to charity by “passing the tithing plate”. The organization has grown to help world-wide in relief efforts to many countries. They serve as a hub to unite other secular humanist organizations through their Beyond Belief Network and offer grant monies to active organizations. FBB’s COVID Response is raising funds to help food banks assisting high-risk communities all over the U.S. with food insecurity. They also are funding for their Humanist Action Team: Ghana program.

Here is how you can participate, we are trying to keep it very simple. ATXHAW started a GoFundMe for you do use, donate to, and pass along to family, friends, and community who will sponsor your Virtual 5K. When they donate, your sponsor can leave a comment identifying who they are sponsoring and/or well-wishes they’d like to share for their sponsee. We will be posting their well wishes May 1st through the 10th on Facebook. Do your 5K anytime during the Week of Action, the official day for our organization will be Saturday May 9th, from 9am – 12pm. There will be a wrap-up post here on our blog when the week is over. Please send us pictures and/or video on our Facebook, Facebook messenger, tag us on Facebook, or Instagram email us, we would love to share highlights of your Virtual 5K.

Wishing everyone good health. Thank you for participating in Secular Week of Action, and hope you all a having a glorious day.

Here is what a virtual run can look like:

Secular Week of Action: Virtual 5K: Team Austin Humanists at Work

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