Our ATXHAW volunteers…strong, capable and compassionate.

There were so…many…volunteers! And there 100 sleeping bags! This is the recap of the Austin Humanists at Work February 2020.

Our February giveaway was a huge success. We had approximately 70 volunteers helping distribute basic living supplies to about 165 folks who needed a helping hand to get through this month.

The winter months in central Texas can be unpredictable and weird. Some days you’ll have days that feel like spring, only to have a cold front blow through and bring the temperatures close to freezing in an afternoon. In that context, our February has been pretty typical.

To the “unsheltered” homeless in Austin, this can cause issues.

Fortunately, our donors sent several jackets, blankets and tents as a part of our Winter Warmth Drive. Thanks to you, we were able to pass out supplies that can provide a little bit of comfort to some of our fellow humans.

We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize a very special donation that we distributed during today’s giveaway.

A mountain of sleeping bags.

One of our younger volunteers had a birthday recently. When asked what she wanted as a present, she came up with an idea to raise money to provide sleeping bags to people that could really use them. With the help of her family, she raised enough money to purchase 100 sleeping bags.

Today, we distributed those sleeping bags in less than 35 minutes. Because of her idea, 100 people will have some extra warmth tonight…and for some time to come.

Thank you, Chloe. We feel better knowing there are young people like you that will be caring adults someday.

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers and donors that made today possible. Here’s a rundown of all the groups that helped us along.

Groups that came to giveaway:

Thank you for donations and kit making volunteer events from these supporters:

Our next giveaway will be March 22nd. We’d love to see you there.

February 2020 Recap
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