Winter is very unpredictable in Central Texas. Now imagine you’re subject to these jarring weather changes without the refuge of a permanent shelter, air-conditioning or a comfortable place to sleep. That’s the reality for our clients and we hope this month — with your help — we will have enough supplies to ensure everyone can get what they need.

Image by Amy Davis Roth (c) 2014

The Austin Humanists at Work giveaway is Sunday, December 15 starting at 8:40 a.m. for set up before we open the line at 9 a.m. Our Volunteer page has lots of information about what to expect if it’s your first time. The giveaway is a great opportunity to serve our neighbors and get to know other service-minded people in the Austin area, as well as drop off your own donations at our intake tent.

Here are the items we need the most this month (pulled from our What Do We Need Page)

*Women’s underwear
*Lip balm
*Toilet paper
*Women’s socks
*Hot Hands
*Non-perishable grab and go foods
*Hair oil/ leave-in conditioners for coarse hair
*Grab and go fruit for the day of the Giveaway
Hair elastics
Emergency blankets
Men’s underwear (boxer brief style has been requested)

*means that we are completely out of these items!

we probably have enough of these items, but a few more wouldn’t hurt:
Men’s socks
Mouthwash, dental floss
Nail clippers
Insect repellent

Our Amazon Wishlist is a great way to send physical donations right to our doorstep, or you can use PayPal to send monetary donations. Check out the Donate page for more information on our physical dropoff locations as well.

Running until our February 2020 Winter Warmth Drive which will help keep our clients warm during an unpredictable, cold and rainy winter season in Texas. Hats, scarves, jackets, sweaters, coats and gloves are all welcomed, as well as our usual items we accept such as boots and tennis shoes. As a reminder, we do not accept clothing beyond the outerwear listed for our Winter Warmth Drive, undergarments including bras, socks and underwear, and caps/belts. This means we don’t accept T-shirts, pants, or shorts, etc.

For the month of December we added Just Because Bags into the mix again. It’s a great thing to do with your family and friends. These are decorated paper bags filled with items we don’t have a lot of or give out usually. Add a written note or card with kind words of encouragement and love. For more information about this check out our Just Because it’s the holidays blog post.

Join us December 12 for the Gettin’ Knotty Guild meetup, where volunteers use yarn to knit and crochet items for our clients.

We are approaching two of the less-attended months of giveaways, so we hope you will join us! Next month we’ll also celebrate two years as a nonprofit! We hope to see you soon and THANK YOU for your support.

**IMPORTANT CHANGE**We will be shifting giveaways to the 4th Sunday for the first 3 months of 2020:
– Sunday, January 26
– Sunday, February 23
– Sunday, March 22

We also have a nice calendar now you can keep up with any events we have. Click on Events, at the top of the page.

What we need for the December 15th ATXHAW Giveaway

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