We have a lot to be thankful for this month, including the fact that we are celebrating two years as 501(c)3 nonprofit organization! This month we invite our clients to celebrate with us as we offer goods outside our usual on the giveaway line, including grab-and-go pantry foods, sweet treats, and delicious homemade sandwiches.

Join our giveaway Sunday, Nov. 17! Our giveaways start with setup at 8:40 a.m. with the line opening at 9 a.m. following a brief volunteer orientation. If you’re a first-time volunteer, we are so excited to have you! See our volunteer page and please find one of the leaders in yellow if you have questions.

Here’s what we need most ahead of the November giveaway. The * means we are completely out of these items and are hoping to get enough for our typical line of ~200 people.

*Women’s underwear
*Toilet paper
*Women’s socks
*Non-perishable grab and go foods
*Hair oil/ leave-in conditioners for coarse hair
*Grab and go fruit for the day of the Giveaway
Hair elastics
Emergency blankets
Men’s underwear (boxer brief style has been requested)

We probably have enough of these items, but a few more wouldn’t hurt:

Men’s socksToothpaste
Mouthwash, dental floss
Lip balm
Nail clippers
Insect repellent

The easiest way to donate is through our Amazon wishlist or by dropping items at our intake tent during the giveaway. It’s extremely helpful to document the type and number of each item when you drop them off. Items can also be placed in our collection bin at the PakMail on Metric Blvd. in Austin, or arrange for pickup.

Through February as part of our Winter Warmth Drive, we are especially looking for coats, sweaters, scarves, hoodies, warm hats, gloves, mittens, sweatpants etc. to help keep our clients warm. These are great to pick up through Buy Nothing Project groups, at thrift stores and garage sales, or even buried in the back of your own closet or car trunk.

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to have volunteers from the UT Pharmacy College help make wipe packets, which we offer on the giveaway line. In total, the group assembled 773 packets of wet wipes. Thanks, team, for your help!

We are currently looking for volunteers two can help our efforts in between giveaways, with tasks including occasional pickup of donations, outreach, creative services, logistics and other fun and exciting stuff. Please contact us if you have talent and time to share! (info@austinhumanistsatwork.org)

This month, and every month, we are incredibly thankful to our supporters and volunteers who support us in ways great and small, from providing for the cost of our storage unit, to bringing special treats for the clients we serve. Thank you to everyone who has helped us serve our community with no strings attached … we could not do it without you!

Shampoo and conditioner, plus more items we need for the ATXHAW November 17 Giveaway

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