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With a trailer full of goods and a bunch of volunteers, we were prepared to have a great giveaway…and it was. Here’s the October 2019 Recap.

209 visitors today

As more attention is focused on the homelessness issue in Austin, we’re seeing a few more individuals pass through our line. Today, we had 209 folks go through our giveaway line that was staffed by approximately 40 cheerful, kind volunteers.

In addition to having full tables of living supplies to hand out, another volunteer (Gerardo Garza), brought pulled pork sandwiches to distribute at the end of the line. The aroma was wonderful and 135 sandwiches were gratefully consumed and didn’t last long .

The pulled pork sandwiches were a hit!

Gerardo’s involvement leads us to this special request. We could really use some assistance setting this up on subsequent giveaways. When we hand out food, we want to make sure to do it properly. As such, it would be great if a few volunteers could get their Food Safety license so we could have a few extra hands helping out.

It appears you can get certified in about an hour for as little as $7. You can go to Ace Food Handler for more information.

I wanted to give a shout out to the following folks that helped volunteer or donate to our giveaway today:

We’d also like to thank everyone who has sent us donations in the form of money, items from our What Do We Need page and items from our Amazon Wish List. Your generosity ensures that we can continue to help out some local folks that are experiencing homelessness.

Our next giveaway is November 17th. We’d love to see you there!

October 2019 Recap
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