We served 232 individuals at the August 2019 ATXHAW Giveaway.

After not only a fantastic corporate volunteer event but a successful giveaway in August, we are gearing up for a mid-month giveaway on September 15. Our giveaways start with setup at 8:40 a.m. with the line opening at 9 a.m. following a brief volunteer orientation. If you’re a first-time volunteer, we are so excited to have you! See our volunteer page and please find one of the leaders in yellow if you have questions.

Here’s what we need most ahead of the September giveaway. The * means we are completely out of these items and are hoping to get enough for our typical line of 200+ people.

*Nail clippers
*Women’s underwear
*Non-perishable grab-and-go foods
*Hair oil/ leave-in conditioners for coarse hair
*Grab and go fruit for the day of the giveaway
*Toilet paper
*Combs/brushes/hair picks (brushes and combs for all hair types)
Lip balm
Hair elastics
Emergency blankets
Men’s underwear
Insect repellent

Check our list for other items we accept. Please be aware of items we no longer accept or have in plentiful supply, such as lotion, first aid kits, and soap. Items can be donated at the giveaway, dropped off at the PakMail on Metric Blvd. in Austin, or arranged for pickup. We also have an Amazon wishlist for convenience.

If you missed the news, our donations coordinator, Laura, has stepped down from her position on the board of directors. We will miss her dearly and are so thankful for her years of service to our organization, including the completion of our nonprofit designation.

We are currently looking for volunteers two can help our efforts in between giveaways, with tasks including occasional pickup of donations, outreach, creative services, logistics and more. Please contact us if you have talent and time to share! (info@austinhumanistsatwork.org)

We are incredibly thankful to our supporters and volunteers. Homelessness is a difficult and divisive topic in Austin right now. Austin Humanists at Work is committed to our mission to uphold the values of humanism by assisting people in need in the Austin community. Our main focus is to provide a short-term supply of basic living items at our monthly giveaways, and we will continue to do this through the generous support of our donors and volunteers.

Thanks to our August 2019 Giveaway volunteers!
We’re out of toilet paper?! What we need for the September 15th giveaway

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