Austin’s most awesome volunteers.

Summer still hasn’t left Texas, but we were able to manage just fine. This is your September 2019 Recap!

Even though the temperature wasn’t crazy hot, the Texas humidity ensured that things were stuffy. However, we had several volunteers come out and support us today. All in all, we had approximately 45 volunteers to hand out basic living supplies to 181 folks. We finished in less than an hour

We’ve been working on ways to streamline the giveaway process, and those efforts are starting to pay off. Starting last month, we’ve changed our plastic boxes that sit on our giveaway tables. They’re now all standard size and are easier to pack.

Additionally, we’ve tried to ensure that each table has giveaway boxes one box deep (as opposed to doubling up to save space). By having the boxes be in a single file line, the traffic moves a little bit faster.

In other news, the Austin City Council has been actively making decisions on camping bans that have impact on those experiencing homelessness. There will be an Austin City Council meeting on September 18th (this Wednesday), where they will discuss new modifications to the removal of the camping ban. There’s also a follow up on Thursday. You can get more information on the #HomesNotHandcuffs page on Facebook. See the links for more details.

We wanted to thank all of our donors and volunteers for supporting us this month.

We’s specifically like to thank:

We are grateful that you keep providing the organization with your time and your gifts…we really couldn’t do it without you.

Our next giveaway is October 20th. If you’d like to get us a donation before then, please feel free to give us a little cash on PayPal, or send us something from our Amazon Wish List. Any little bit helps. We appreciate anything you can give.


September 2019 Recap
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