Our largest kit-making event ever was a huge success thanks to 60 first-time corporate volunteers and the cooperation of about a dozen Austin Humanists at Work regulars.

In three hours (plus setup and tear-down), volunteers assembled:

  • 1,500 feminine hygiene kits
  • 1,600 wet-wipe packets
  • 1,076 first aid kits
  • 500 cotton swab packets
  • 2,000 floss pick packets

This event would not have been possible without the dedication of those involved, our volunteers who invited us into their workplace, as well as the monetary and in-kind donations from our fundraiser earlier this month. On Facebook, 39 donors raised $1,067.

We are also thankful to Samaritan Health Ministries which provided us with toothpaste that was processed during the event, and our fellow nonprofit benefitting from the event, SAIVA, which gifted us with beautiful, hand-knit hats and scarves for us to distribute during winter giveaways. It’s so special to know that networks of nonprofits can come together to benefit our community.

With this kit-making event, we anticipate having enough feminine hygiene kits to last us a few years; first aid kits enough for 6 months; cotton swabs for 3-6 months and floss picks for a year and a half. We also have remaining supplies for wet-wipe packets that we’ll utilize during future volunteer kit-making events.

Gratitude to everyone who supports us through volunteering, donating and sharing our mission. With human hands, we are working to solve human problems!

Our largest kit-making volunteer event was a huge success. Thank you!
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