Awesome Volunteers

It was a hot and humid July morning, but we were able to handle a good sized line with a bunch of awesome volunteers. This is your Austin Humanists at Work July 2019 recap!

Some of our regular volunteers couldn’t make it on Sunday, but we had a bunch of other regulars fill in. We also had a group of high school kids from a Baptist Church in Abilene come over and help us.

All in all, we helped out 193 of our fellow humans…pretty decent number for the summer. We were reasonably well stocked, but (understandably) went through the insect repellent and toilet paper. Additionally, we had one of our volunteers bring several bags of ice to chill the cans of water we had in storage. The ice cold cans were very much appreciated.

It was a great giveaway.

Next giveaway is August 18th! We hope to see you then.

July 2019 Recap
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