Hot and humid volunteers

Just when you thought that summer might be giving central Texas a break…in came the heat and humidity. Our volunteers didn’t care…we still had a great giveaway for May!

May 2019 Visitor Count

Approximately 159 individuals passed through the line to select some basic living supplies and we had approximately 25 wonderful volunteers that helped them out. Everyone was pretty warm and sticky, but we all made the best of it.

The Ethical Society of Austin was on hand to distribute coffee and bottles of water to a very grateful line of people. For many of the folks that pass through our line, getting a complimentary cup of coffee in the morning can improve their entire day. Thanks ESOA!

We have a bunch of donors that have gone to our Amazon Wish List and/or given us a few bucks on PayPal that have been very helpful. We couldn’t do it without you.

As we enter the summer, our supplies start to dwindle a bit, and we started running out of a few things as the day wore on. If you can manage it, we would love for you to go over to our What We Need page and pick out a few things.

You can bring your donation to the next giveaway or drop it off at Pak Mail on Metric (we have a bin there). Your donation will have an immediate effect on someone’s life if only for a little while. It might be just the thing to get them through.

The next giveaway will be June 16th! We’d love to see you.

May 2019 Recap
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