After a record-breaking giveaway in April with more than 250 individuals served, we are preparing for a busy event coming up on May 19th.

With spring showers coming every week or two and summer quickly approaching, we are running low or completely out of many staples needed by clients this time of year, including:

We continue to offer donation drop-offs during giveaways, and we also can arrange pickup at locations in and around Austin. At this time we are still looking for volunteers to support donation pick-ups, so please reach out to us if you would like to be on the list of people we ask for help with pickups.

*Insect repellent
*First aid kits
*Lip balm
*Women’s underwear
*Nail clippers
Body wipes
Combs/brushes/hair picks
Emergency blankets
Men’s underwear
Dental floss/floss picks/mouthwash
Light & super plus tampons

*means that we are completely out of these items!

Help us full our bins this month before the giveaway May 19th!

You may have seen previous mentions of the Buy Nothing Project from us or volunteers individually. We have been able to find so many valuable items through our hyperlocal neighborhood Buy Nothing Facebook groups in and around Austin. This special story related to serving our clients is worth sharing.

One of our ATXHAW volunteers, Matt, also volunteers at the weekly shelter open at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Several weeks ago he was approached by someone asking for help finding a mini-refrigerator. The man, Alex, was experiencing homelessness, but he needed a place to store his insulin during the summer and had procured a storage unit with electricity. He had $40, and asked Matt to see about connecting with a seller on Craigslist. Instead, through a Buy Nothing Facebook group, Matt asked around to see if anyone had one he could give to Alex. A neighbor, Jennifer, said she and her family were using theirs for condiments and would be happy to offer it for a greater purpose. Matt delivered the fridge, and upon seeing Alex again, he shared his gratitude and told Matt that Jennifer saved his life this summer.

In our economy, there are many items that can be used and shared over and over, or be passed along to people who need and want them. We are fortunate that since becoming a 501(c)3, we can purchase items that our clients need on-demand each month. However, we LOVE it when the community comes together to share their own items with our clients who are experiencing limited means.

Consider clearing out a closet or asking a few neighbors for the items on our needs list. And please do check our full list of items we need (and really do not need) right now. We thank you!

Coming up Thursday, May 16th is the monthly Gettin’ Knotty Guild Meetup just for the yarn folks. Gather together to knit, crochet, or stitch or whatever you like to do with your hands.

Bug spray, lip balm and underwear: Here’s what we need for the May 19th giveaway

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