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HEB was closed this Easter Sunday, but the Austin Humanists at Work were open! We conducted our April 2019 giveaway and set a new record for humans served. Step inside for a pun-free wrap up of our giveaway.

If you were driving to the giveaway along Interstate 35 this morning, you might have noticed that the Texas Department of Transportation had a festive message on their traffic signs (usually reserved for Amber alerts and severe traffic). “Everybunny drive Eggcellent”. The sense of humor is appreciated…but there will be no such puns here…

New ATXHAW Giveaway Record!

In August of 2017, we served 246 fellow humans on a rather hot summer Sunday morning. Our count from today’s giveaway was 255! On the one hand, we’re very pleased to reach out and help out our fellow Austinites…on the other hand, homelessness in Austin is still an unsolved problem that needs continued emphasis. We’re glad we can help.

In addition to all of the wonderful people that came through our line, we had a supercharged HUGE group of volunteers to help us out. All told, we had approximate 45 volunteers from old hands, newcomers and various organizations in Austin. We appreciate you all! More volunteers make the giveaways go much smoother.

ESOA Volunteers in action!

Special thanks to the Ethical Society of Austin that brought several casks of coffee to serve at then end of our line. The gesture was very much appreciated…so much so, that they were fresh out of coffee roughly 45 minutes in to our giveaway.

We would also like to give a shout out to the ACC chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. In addition to having volunteers present at our giveaway, the Helping Hands Committee had a dental floss pick drive and gathered over 3800 floss picks. In addition, four PTK volunteers put together 500 floss pick packs so they would be ready for giveaway on Sunday morning.

One of youngest volunteers.

We are humbled by the generosity of our donors and volunteers. Every time you donate via PayPal, our Amazon Wish List, or bring things in person, you are having a direct impact on another human being that could be an enormous difference in their lives. We really appreciate the volunteers that come out once a month to assist us with distributing items and making sure the giveaway is organized. Thank you all so much.

The next giveaway will be May 19th! We hope you can join us.

April 2019 Recap
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