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ATXHAW is back on our third weekend of the month schedule! This means that we’ve only had three weeks since the last giveaway. Less time between giveaways = less time to collect donations! We’re out of quite a few of our staples: dental floss/floss picks/mouthwash, insect repellent, lip balm, first aid kits, and men’s underwear. You can find a complete list of everything we do and don’t need on our What Do We Need? page.

More Ways to Give

1) Donate items: Clean out your closets, purchase items at a local store, or purchase items on ATXHAW’s Amazon wish list.
2) Make a financial donation: Monetary donations enable us to make bulk purchases, which often have a lower per-item cost than purchasing a few items at a time.
3) Volunteer your time: Come to a giveaway and hand out items – it’s a great way to spend a morning! Or, if you’re crafty, knit or crochet scarves, hats, or cotton washcloths as part of our Gettin’ Knotty group.
4) Share our info: We are on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Follow us, tag us, share our posts! Tell your neighbors what we need the most on NextDoor. Email our website to your friends.

A Friendly Reminder

We are no longer accepting clothes! We will continue to accept accessories that can can be placed on our giveaway line, such as socks, underwear, bras, shoes, belts, hats, etc. If you’re not sure whether to donate a certain item, please email donations@austinhumanistsatwork.org.

Gettin’ Knotty Meetup!

(It definitely counts.)
If you like to exercise knit or crochet, come join our Gettin’ Knotty group! The next meetup is this Thursday, March 14, from 7-10 PM. We meet in the cafe area of Barnes & Noble in the Arboretum. GK members make cotton washcloths to give out year round, and also hats & scarves to put away for the winter months. Come when you can, leave when you must!


Thank you for reading! We hope you are avoiding the dreaded SXSW traffic! See you on the 17th!

What We Need for the March 17th Giveaway!

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