Awesome, chilly volunteers.

Winter has arrived…at least what passes for winter in central Texas.

The weather turned cooler and we had a long line for most of the morning.  This is your Austin Humanists at Work November 2018 Recap!

On Sunday, the temperatures dipped down in to the 40s accompanied by a brisk north wind.  As you can imagine, these aren’t the ideal conditions to be without shelter.  Thankfully, our donors and volunteers responded to the Warmth Drive we kicked off, and we had a good supply of cold weather gear for the nearly 200 people that came through our line. The most popular items were coats, blankets and hand warmers.  Luckily, we received loads of donations at the giveaway and we were able to keep up.

In addition to the abundance of individuals that came through our line, we also had lots of volunteers that came out and helped their fellow humans get through a tough stretch.  We normally see increased activity around the holidays (both with donations and individuals needing help), so having a bunch of extra hands to help set up, sort and serve is very much appreciated.

A special thank you to Oskar Blues for donating cans of water. You might not have noticed that we had several cases of water at the end of the line.  The brewery gave us a few pallets that we gratefully accepted.  We sent a bunch over to another great Austin non-profit, Keep Austin Fed.

The next giveaway is December 16th!  Hope to see you there.


November 2018 Recap

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