Three vehicles stuffed to the brim with donations, tables, and all the fixin’s, arrived at the parking lot under the bridge of  I35, Frontage and 8th Street in Central Austin, across from APD headquarters.  They were greeted by approximately 35 volunteers, some from Phi Theta Kappa of ACC, Apple Inc., and Lady Cans who unloaded, sorted, stocked, and stuffed the tables. That served 203 individuals who came through our line on this beautiful Sunday morning.

We will have final numbers of pieces donated soon but I can say with a certainty, it was bountiful and well received to those who acquired them.  We had our regular staples of shower supplies, deodorant, oral and feminine hygiene… On top of that, the start of our Winter Warmth Drive brought in: blankets, clothing, jackets, pillows, handmade hats and scarves by members of ATXHAW’s very own Gettin’ Knotty Guild, along with so many other things like: books, grab and go food, water, cups, bottles, and so much more.  We had everything but the kitchen sink.

There are a few shout-out’s for this months giveaway. We had so many new volunteers this giveaway.  It was great to see a lot of new faces. Thank you Phi Beta Kappa and Apple for coming out.  It was a pleasure working with y’all.  Thank you to all who shifted things around to make it all work today.  There’s nothing like people who can roll with last minute changes.  Thank you to Anna E. for giving a little added touch by not only helping to give out our handmade hats but for helping to match them with individuals clothing. Thank you to all who bring their children to the giveaways.  They are always refreshing little faces and it brings joy to everyone who is there.

Austin Humanists at Work expresses much thanks to all our kind donors and volunteers. We are working hard over here because you have been so kind to provide us the means to give back in a big way to people who really need it the most. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our next giveaway is November 18th… while this giveaway was nice and cool, prepare for winter the next we meet.  See you in November.






October 2018 Recap

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