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Hasn’t the rain been wonderful lately? It’s dropped the temperature down nicely and dropped the wildfire danger to near zero. While it’s nice to have a front yard that doesn’t look like a hay field, the off and on rain can be problematic for our clients. Many people experiencing homelessness aren’t able to get out of the wet weather at a moment’s notice. This means that not only do they get soaked, but their belongings do as well. On top of that, the ground is now cold and wet. Over 1,000 people don’t have access to a shelter bed in the Austin area, so they end up sleeping on that cold, wet ground.

How can I help my fellow humans?
You can…
• Check your drawers & closets for extra ponchos or other rain gear.
• Clean out your garage & donate that unused tent or sleeping bag.
• Look in your car or next to your front door for an extra umbrella.
• Donate by purchasing from our Amazon wish list. In addition to ponchos, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and emergency blankets, our wish list includes many other basic living items. Aside from wet weather gear, we could really use men’s underwear, condoms, and sunscreen – we are completely out of those items!
To see a full list of what we do and don’t need for next weekend’s giveaway, please visit our What Do We Need? page.

Double the Knotty-ness

This month, Gettin’ Knotty (our fabulous knit & crochet group) is meeting twice! We had several requests for a GK meetup down south, and our awesome GK coordinator, Virginia, made it happen!
If you’d like to hang out with some cool crafters or drop off a donation, come to one (or both!) of the GK meetups:
1) The ABGB on West Oltorf on Wednesday, September 12, from 7 PM to 10 PM
2) The cafe area of Barnes & Noble in the Arboretum on Thursday, September 13, from 7 PM to 10 PM

Thanks for reading! We hope you are having a wonderful September. See you on the 16th!

What We Need for the September 16th Giveaway!
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