The line was long, the weather was muggy, but the volunteers were solid.  Here’s your Austin Humanists at Work September Recap!

The summer months are always challenging for people experiencing homelessness.  Spending a majority of time outdoors can be very trying in a warm climate like Austin.  As a result, things like soap, shampoo, water and insect repellent are most welcome supplies.

We went through a stack of supplies on Sunday with 189 individuals going through our line. Fortunately, we had approximately 30 volunteers that came out to help.  For everyone that came out today, we truly appreciate it.  It’s not easy waking up early on a weekend to spend some time outside under a bridge…we’re glad you did it, though.

The reason we had a stack of supplies is our donors. While we do run out of certain supplies, we almost always have plenty of  the staples: Toiletries, toilet paper, water, bug spray, snacks and clothes.  Thank you for all that you do!

Next giveaway is October 21st…hopefully with some cooler weather for everyone.

September 2018 Recap
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