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A bumper crop of backpacks and volunteers.  This is your Austin Humanists at Work August 2018 recap.

Last month we asked our donors and volunteers to help us out with a backpack drive.  As the summer comes to a close and new backpacks are purchased for kids going back to school, we are happy to take the old backpackOf course, mOf course, ms out to our line.  We had a great response.  Over 50 backpacks (and several other pieces of luggage) were collected from various donors across the central Texas area.  As you can imagine, backpacks are highly valued as most folks experiencing homelessness carry all of their possessions with them.  A backpack or a duffel bag makes this much easier.

All in all, we had approximately 31 volunteers and served 161 individuals in our line.  That’s pretty remarkable for a steamy August Sunday.  

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without our donors and volunteers.  In addition to all the great things we receive at our PakMail location (thanks, PakMail!), our Amazon Wish List and at our giveaways, we have individual contributions through the efforts of some very generous supporters.  We’d specifically like to recognize Carolyn at the Treasure of the Hills Senior Activity Center for collecting and organizing numerous donations.  Thanks, Carolyn!

Many of you send in PayPal donations too.  Thank you to everyone that gives so freely of their money and/or time to help us out.  We really appreciate it…and our fellow humans of Austin appreciate it too.

Next giveaway is September 16th!  We hope to see you there.





August 2018 Recap

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