Humidity was high…and the line was long…but the Austin Humanists at Work Volunteers soldiered on. This is your June 2018 recap!

In spite of some steamy weather and a Father’s Day limited volunteer group, we still helped out a ton of people on Sunday.

All in all, we had 212 visitors come through our line and get stocked up on some much needed supplies for the hot summer ahead.  Of particular note was an abundance of water and insect repellent (HEB had a sale). We had about 20 volunteers give their all to help out our fellow humans in Austin. As you can guess, summer in Texas can be quite challenging for those who are living in their car or at a shelter. Your donations are helping!

On Sunday, we introduced the idea of name tags. If you come out and help us on a regular basis, we can print up your first name on a tag so we all know who you are.  If you’d rather just be “Volunteer”, then that’s OK too.

The ATXHAW Bra Drive yielded several bags of donations and helped out a number of women that passed through our line.  It was a great giveaway.

We’d like to thank all of our volunteers and donors that helped us out this month.  You helped ease someone’s plight.

Next giveaway will be July 15th at 9am.  We’d love to see you there.

June 2018 Recap

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