It’s gettin’ warmer ’round these parts!  A nice morning though for approximately 20 volunteers and 148 people served.  March 18th was the tail end of South By South West, but saw a few new faces in and behind the line.  Donations were on the light side this month other than the fabulously large donation of 1920 rolls of toilet paper from an anonymous donor.  We had a great selection of toiletries, feminine hygiene, bug repellent, books, magazines, clothing but were a bit light on underwear and socks which were all appreciated and taken.  Tim, our coffee guy was there as well, and Eric brought his usual box of bananas and we had a few cases of water.  Thank you to all our donors and volunteers, we truly appreciate you.  All in all, a nice morning and we look forward to what April brings.

We will be celebrating our second year as Austin Humanists at Work.  April is our anniversary month for our name change but have been doing what we do for almost 5 years.  This year, we are keeping things a bit simple for our anniversary.  There will be our usual drive of cupcakes and decorated boiled egg along with Girl Scout cookies.  April is always a fun month that Springs right into our summer months.  Please come out and be a part of our ever growing organization.  We would love to have you.  Email with any questions or comments you may have.

If you’re looking to give back, please check out our Donate page with all the ways you can give back to our organization which directly helps the central Austin communities in need.  Not only do we need tangible donations but could use monetary donations for fill in purchases.  Austin Humanists at Work is also currently looking for a sponsor to help fund our new storage unit location.  It’s exciting to tell the world we are growing but with growth we could use a bit of help also.  Please contact or call 512.553.2117 with any questions you may have about sponsoring our storage unit.  If you need to arrange a donation pick up or drop off of tangible donations, please email Laura at

Thank you again for everyone who has helped us grow throughout the years.  Everyone behind the scenes thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are extremely excited for what the future holds.

Next giveaway is April 15th!  See you there.

March 2018 Recap
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