The weather turned humid and warm just in time for our January giveaway.    We had awesome volunteers and a steady stream of fellow humans that we helped.  This is your January recap!

The week preceding our January giveaway was cold, blustery and a little icy. Thankfully, the weather warmed up and we had a great giveaway.  The Austin 3M half-marathon was being held this morning, and we feared the parking area under the bridge would be tough sledding.  But the parking slots were available, and we had enough room to set up a long line of tables with a bunch of living supplies and accessories (blankets, luggage, water bottles, etc.).

We had approximately 25 volunteers come out flawlessly ran the giveaway to 150 of our fellow humans.  Seriously, our volunteers were a well-oiled machine with the set up, the giveaway, and the tear down.  Well done, folks!

We want to thank our volunteers and our donors for their generous support.  You’re the best.

Next giveaway is February 18th!  Happy New Year!

January 2018 Recap

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