As the Austin Humanists at Work celebrated their first month as a registered 501(c)(3) organization, we had a bunch of volunteers, a bunch of donations and a bunch of fellow humans coming through the line.  Here’s what happened at our November giveaway!

We write about the weather in these blog posts because it’s interesting to see how seasons change.  As you can see from our group picture (of AMAZING volunteers), that a cold front came through and cooled things off a bit.  It was cooler, but not really cold…but it was certainly less humid.  Regardless of the weather, our volunteers jumped in and made this giveaway happen!

We had approximately 30 volunteers and a whopping 210 individuals coming through our line.  Many giveaways end at 40 minutes, this one took the entire hour.  We had several folks walk up as we were trying to shut down…which is perfectly fine.  Thanks to everyone that stuck around and delivered service with a smile.

We sincerely thank all of our donors and volunteers that made today happen.  Your donations (of time, goods and money) help us keep these giveaways running.  Your generosity will help someone regain some dignity or ease their distress.  We couldn’t do it without your support.

As mentioned above, we are just now getting our feet wet with this 501(c)(3) business…we use your help.  If you’re inclined to give funds, please take advantage of our Hooray for 2017 fundraiser going on at  If you’d like to send us items via our Amazon Wishlist, that works too…we’d love to have it.

Next giveaway is Christmas Eve (December 24th)…we hope to see you then.



November 2017 Recap
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