New volunteers, a lot of donations and couple hundred folks came through the line.  This is your October 2017 update.

Midway through October, you would expect some cooler weather…even in Texas.  However, the giveaway started out as most of our summer giveaways…warm and humid.  Luckily, a cool front started to blow in shortly after we started and made working the giveaway much easier.

After last month’s giveaway, our living supplies inventory was pretty low.  We’re pleased to report that our donors and volunteers responded to our call and sent donations (in the form of supplies from our Amazon Wish List and gently used items).  As you can see from some of the photos in the gallery, we were adequately stocked for the giveaway.

And it’s a good thing we did.

At our October giveaway, we saw 219 individuals go through our line (and a couple of furry non-humans).  We usually have some difficulty predicting exact numbers on any given Sunday, so we usually figure around 150 or so.  As we’ve gone through the year, it looks like that number is trending up.  Today put a big dent in our supplies and we’ll need to spend the next few weeks stocking up again.

Luckily, we had over 35 volunteers that came out and helped.  We’d like to extend a special “Thank You” to the members of Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Gamma Pi chapter) that came out and worked the line with us and brought in donations.  We really appreciate the hard work of all our volunteers.

Austin Humanists at Work is a small organization, but we’d like to think we’re making some impact in Austin.  We couldn’t do that with our volunteers and donors being so generous with their time and resources.  Thank you!

Want to help us out, but you’re not sure how?  Here are a few ways to help Austin Humanists at Work:

  • Amazon Wish List – Please visit our Amazon Wish List to help us restock some of the supplies we used today
  • Help us with social media – Share our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter handle.  New followers can turn into new volunteers!
  • Ask your neighborhood to help out – Get on Next Door and ask for gently used items to help out those experiencing homelessness. You might be surprised how many donations you can get.
  • Come out and volunteer – Our next giveaway will be November 19th.  Feel free to bring your friends and family!


October 2017 Recap
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