When we think about our summer giveaways, we always know that the August giveaway is likely to be hot and humid.  Well…this August did not disappoint.  It was hot and humid, but our volunteers and donors showed their support and we had a great (and gigantic) August 2017 giveaway.

It was a bit sweltering, but we had a very successful giveaway that served 246 of our fellow humans.  That’s right…246!  I’ve been volunteering at giveaways for the past few years, and I’ve never seen the line so long.  We received several donations from our Amazon Wish List and those who brought things to the giveaway.  Our Donations Coordinator had a full car when she arrived…and an empty car when we finished. There were so many people that were helped with the generosity of our donors and volunteers.

In addition, we had a carload of clothing that was sorted, folded and displayed by our volunteers.  For those of you that haven’t attended one of our giveaways, the clothes are popular and go very quickly.  We often get special requests for certain types of clothing for next time.  As an aside, if anyone has any used men’s shoes they can spare, we’d love to have them.

The backpacks…we need to comment on the incredible outpouring of support in response for our call for backpacks.  We asked our donors for backpack donations, and our donors stepped up to the task.  All in all, there were well over 60 backpacks donated (either new or used) and they all went very quickly.

Thank you to all our volunteers and donors that helped us out this month.  There were many, many people served by your actions today.

Next giveaway is September 17th!


August 2017 Recap
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