The best thing about our volunteers and donors is…when we ask for help, they answer.  This is your July 2017 recap.

The summer months tend to be warm and humid…and today was no exception.  However, we had an energetic group of volunteers that were serving up the donations our donors sent in.  It was a great giveaway.

As you might recall from last month, we were nearly wiped out of supplies.  We sent out the call and our donors didn’t let us down.  We received several donations from many new donors via our Amazon Wish List, as well as donations that were brought in the day of the giveaway.  We had 186 individuals pass through our line, and we had approximately 30 brave volunteers to help them out.

Thanks to all of those who gave their money and their time to help us out this month.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

August means that school will be starting soon and we will be doing a backpack drive for the next few weeks.  If you’ve got excess backpacks, please let us know…backpacks are very popular during our giveaways.


July 2017 Recap

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