Another June is here, and we are just one week from this month’s giveaway! Last month, we served almost 200 people – whew! We are so grateful that we were able to assist so many fellow humans… but it really put a dent in our stock. We are out of a few items, including deodorant, men’s underwear, sunscreen, insect repellent, and women’s socks. We also have many other items on the green light list – items that we have a few of, but not enough for a full giveaway. Please see our What Do We Need? page for a list of what staples we do (and don’t) need this month.


Even if you only have $10 to spend, you can make a difference!
10 pairs of socks = 10 people whose feet are warm and dry.


If you’d like to donate, our Amazon Wish List makes it easy! Just click, and your donation is shipped directly to us. Many of our wish list items are Prime eligible, which makes shipping quick. If you click Filter & Sort, then Priority, the list will match the traffic light guide on our What Do We Need? page: High Priority = Green Light, Medium Priority = Yellow Light, and Low Priority = Red Light.





As you may have seen on our social media pages, we are running a bra drive this month! We accept new bras, and used bras that are clean and in wearable condition – no holes, tears, or underwire sticking out, please. Clean out those lingerie drawers, ladies!





Is this your definition of party? Us too! So come party hard with us!

The ATXHAW Gettin’ Knotty group is meeting this Thursday, June 15, at Barnes & Noble in the Arboretum. We sit in the cafe area from 7 PM until 10 PM. Bring your needles, grab a coffee, and meet some awesome yarn buddies.

The Gettin’ Knotty group creates cotton washcloths, which are handed out at our giveaways year-round. We also create hats and scarves, which are stored until the cold weather months.

Don’t forget to join the Gettin’ Knotty Facebook group – we share news, patterns, and links to sales & coupons.



Thank you for reading! We hope you can stay cool this week. See you on the 18th!


What We Need for the June 18th Giveaway!

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