Every month we hold an outside volunteer event…in Texas.  You can imagine the weather is always a gamble.  For our May giveaway…the weather was actually kind of refreshing.  Here’s a quick recap:

We were fortunate to have a number of volunteers (both old and new) that worked with us to get our giveaway line set up and functional very quickly.  We especially appreciated some of the new faces that pitched in and picked everything up like old pros.  We were able to server 198 fellow humans that went through our line and picked up some temporary living supplies to help them along.

As usual, backpacks, razors and underwear went quickly.

A big “Thank You” to all of our volunteers and donors that made today possible.  We had a number of drop offs at the PakMail donation bin location, some Amazon Wish List deliveries and many, many walk up donations at the giveaway.  In addition to the great donations, we had a bunch of volunteers of all ages this morning.  You guys are the best.



May 2017 Recap

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