It’s a matter of time.

While our volunteers would love to help more, adding additional giveaways to our schedule isn’t as simple as just showing up an extra day and distributing what we have. It would spread our resources too thin. For every hour-long giveaway, there are many more hours that go into making it happen.

We need time to solicit, collect, sort and log donations from the community. Time to find good deals in stores or online (then sort and log those, too). Time to write the social media and web posts that help people stay connected to what we do. Time to gather data and send reports to the Beyond Belief Network. (As a registered BBN team, we earn “points” for our activities that allow us to earn cool t-shirts and apply for grants.) Time to let our core volunteers brainstorm about ways to fine tune the giveaway process to make it better and smoother each month. Time for our knitting guild to create more handmade washcloths and other items to distribute.

All this is done by people who volunteer 100% of their time to Austin Humanists at Work in addition to attending to their careers, raising families, and enjoying hobbies.

Learn more about Austin Humanists at Work in our FAQ section.

FAQ: Why don’t you do giveways more than once a month?
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