How many folks came through the line on Easter day?  A bunch.  How many donations did we get through our One Year Anniversary drive?  Also…a bunch.  How many Easter eggs and cupcakes did we have?  You probably know the answer…  Here’s the April 2017 recap.

We had a great group of volunteers show up on a muggy, but moderate Easter Sunday to hand out basic living supplies to some of our fellow humans.  When planning for this giveaway, we expected for there to be some non-routine patterns given the holiday.  However, we didn’t expect to break our record for individuals going through the line.  In September of 2015, we had 202 guests.  Today, we smashed that record by having 237+ go through the line.

Because we were having the giveaway on Easter, we decided to ask some of our volunteers to bring cupcakes and Easter eggs (the hard boiled variety).  And…as usual…our volunteers stepped up in a big way to produce many holiday treats for our fellow humans.  We had plenty of eggs and cupcakes on hand and with the record number of folks, we really needed them.  We really appreciate your generosity. 

Speaking of volunteer and donor generosity, we were simply blown away by the number of donations we received in a short amount of time.  At the end of last month, we announced a 3000 piece drive to celebrate the first anniversary of our name change.  Because we shifted last month’s giveaway to the fourth Sunday, we didn’t have a full month to get donations.  But, once again, we received an outpouring of deliveries (both from our Amazon Wishlist and in person).  Our Donations Coordinator was greeted by a mountain of boxes at our delivery address and we couldn’t believe it.  Thank you so much for donating some much needed items.

Our next giveaway is May 21st.

Oh…and how many pictures were we able to capture?  A bunch:

April 2017 Recap
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