In April 2016 we announced our new name and rebranding adventure. Since that time we’ve had many positive experiences. New volunteers, partnerships and donors have grown our organization by leaps and bounds. Last October, we ran an Indigogo drive to raise money to apply for our 501(c)3.  In March we submitted all of the necessary documentation, and now the waiting begins. ATXHAW is excited to take the next step and look to keep growing in order to help as many people as possible.

Austin Humanists at Work depends on receiving many individual personal care items, clothing, grab-and-go food, bags and more to be able to supply 150 people each month with items they need. In honor of our anniversary, we are running a “3,000 Piece Drive” — with a catch. Four of our board members have upped the fun and offered to do something crazy for each 1,000 pieces we receive before the April giveway.  Kayla, Jen, Virginia & Laura all will be coming up with things like pie in the face, possibly walking around in a chicken, bunny or Pikachu costume, or other fun gimmicks. We’re also taking suggestions for these milestone prizes from ATXHAW supporters.

With each 1,000 pieces donated, the board members will video themselves doing crazy, fun stunts and post it on our Facebook page. So keep checking out our Facebook for updates on what each person will be pledging for each 1,000 piece benchmark. If donations reach more than 3,000 pieces, there will be a special stretch goal pledge by one of our board members.

How you can help.

What we’re looking for are travel size shower items, underwear, deodorant, sunscreen, toilet paper, and so much more. We keep an updated “Traffic Light” page which is a list of items we need the most. For the ease of your donation we also have an Amazon Wishlist. With a click, the order comes directly to our mailbox. Even Gettin’ Knotty will be happy to receive more donations of knitted, crocheted and crafted items like washcloths, hats, and scarves. If you’re looking to donate locally, we have people who will pick up from your home, and even drop off locations like Pak Mail on Metric. Email our Donations Coordinator for help with your donation.

Another way you can help is by sharing this post with your friends and family, on social media and community bulletin-boards like Nextdoor.  Thank you for your support!

Austin Humanists at Work Big Anniversary 3000
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