Our February giveaway date was warm and humid (something not entirely unexpected for winter in Texas), but we still had a very successful giveaway.  Here’s a quick recap.

We had several early arrivals as we were unsure if the Austin Marathon would affect our parking availability.  Luckily, we had enough space to set up our little orange canopy to start taking in donations.  In addition to getting several great donations from our friends through Amazon, we had many walk up donations.  One of our regular volunteers worked with HEB Grocery to donate a huge box of reusable plastic tote bags that are very popular with those that go through our line.  

All in all, we served approximately 145 guests in our giveaway line and had around 35 energetic volunteers.  Popular items from the living supplies line were men’s underwear, razors and hand sanitizer.  We also had a large number of clothes that were claimed from the clothing “island” near the front of the line.  We quickly went through the backpack stash we had too.

Thank you to all our volunteers and all of our donors.  We really appreciate your help.

We went “live” on Facebook and recorded the event.  If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like, check it out.


Next giveaway is March 26th!  As always, please feel free to go to our Facebook page for frequent updates and our Amazon Wish List if you want to donate via mail.




February 2017 Recap

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