We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who make January one of our most successful months to date.

Between December 26 and January 15, we had a total of 2,668 items donated. Of those donations, 896 pieces were donated on-site during the monthly giveaway.

We received 10 Amazon packages this month that brought us 603 items.

Our wonderful Gettin’ Knotty group members created 59 hats and 8 washcloths.

All of these donations and creations were handed out to 132 people by more than 50 volunteers at our January giveaway.

We also added another 46 followers on Facebook.

If you’re new to following, donating to, or volunteering with our organization, welcome! We are so glad to have you involved in 2017.

Find out more out Austin Humanists at Work.

ATXHAW By the Numbers: January 2017 donations, creations and followers

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