The holidays are here again and what can be a better time than the holidays to do a Just Because Bag drive.  Just Because bags are little brown paper bags, decorated and filled with items we don’t usually give on the line during a giveaway.  This is a fun little drive that kids love to help with.  This is also a wonderful activity for scouts and schools to get involved with also.

We ask for brown paper bags to keep the waste low and biodegradable.  So keep that in mind when you are decorating the bags.  Take packaging off items you put in the bag that has plastic.

Here’s what you need: brown paper bags, markers, crayons… to decorate your bags, items to put into your bags like:

  • gum, non-perishable foods, meat sticks, treats…
  • crossword, Sudoku… activity books w/ pen
  • flashlights, headlamps (they are affordable at Walmart)
  • gift cards (7 Eleven, Subway, Shell Gas Station, McDonalds, Target, Walmart…)
  • a note card with a personal and uplifting messages
  • even some items we give in our line but people can never have enough of like: gloves, socks, hats, hand warmers, antibacterial hand sanitizer…

You can bring them to the giveaway on December 25th or arrange for a pick up or drop off by December 18th, email


Just Because bag holiday edition.

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