Our June giveaway was warm and humid, but very rewarding.  Because of a weird accident that occurred on the west side of the parking lot, we set up shop with the line starting from the east end.  It didn’t make much of a difference.  We were able to serve 142 individuals.

However, the bigger news is that we had around 55 volunteers on Sunday!  That breaks our previous record of 45 volunteers in April of 2015.  A big THANK YOU to all of our new volunteers as well as our regulars.  We couldn’t do this thing without you.

In addition to the many volunteers that stepped up and worked the line, it should be noted that we had a lot of help from some young volunteers that were very successful in handing out an entire box of bananas.  The “Banana Kids” were adorable and clearly boosted the spirits of everyone there.

As the giveaway wore on, we started to run out of some of the more popular supplies.  Summertime tends to be slow for donations, so we could use your help.  Please drop a line to if you’ve got something to give.  You can also feel free to check our Amazon Wish List for some ideas.

Next giveaway will be July 17, 2016!

June 2016 Giveaway Wrap Up
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