Hello everyone! As you read in our April giveaway recap, our first giveaway as Austin Humanists at Work was wonderful! We were awed by the support from our wonderful community.


72 folding toothbrushesNow, we’ve moved into May. A new month means a new item of the month! This month, it’s toothbrushes. We have folding travel toothbrushes on our Amazon wish list. Why travel toothbrushes instead of regular toothbrushes? Two reasons: 1) they fold down to a smaller size (helpful when you have to fit all your items into a backpack or suitcase); and 2) when they fold, the bristles of the toothbrush are covered. It can be pretty difficult to keep your toothbrush clean when you’re carrying your personal care items around 24/7. We’ve also added toothbrush covers to our Amazon wish list to cover any regular toothbrushes that we receive.
Did you know that we sort the Amazon wish list to match the traffic light shopping guide? Click Filter & Sort (just above the list, on the right). Then click Priority (high to low) on the drop-down list. Voila! High priority = Green Light, Medium priority = Yellow Light, and Low priority = Red Light.

Other items we could really use this month include: body wipes, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, pocket packs of tissues, & sunscreen. To see the full list of what we need the most, please see our What Do We Need? page. Yep, the traffic light shopping guide now has its’ very own page! Bookmark it & check back anytime. We update it at least once a week so you can see just what we need.

If you’re in the Austin area & would like to make a donation, we’ll be happy to pick it up! We have volunteers from Kyle to Cedar Park and everywhere in between. Please email donations@austinhumanistsatwork.org. Our donations coordinator will put you in touch with the nearest volunteer. You can make pick up arrangements that work with your schedule.
You can also bring your donation to the giveaway! For more info on where to go, please click here.


cat crochet


If your cat (or dog) is getting too warm in those crocheted sweaters, why not make a washcloth? A handmade washcloth means a lot to someone who has limited access to necessary items.
If you’d like to hang out with some pretty cool knitters & crocheters, come join us at the next Gettin Knotty meetup! We’ll be in the cafe area of the Barnes & Noble in the Arboretum on Thursday, May 12 from 7 to 10 PM.


Have a great weekend! See you on the 17th!


What We Need for May 15!

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