4.17.16-2 (2)It was a humid and misty Sunday morning, but we had volunteers, a newly replenished inventory of items and a long line of recipients to help…this is your April 2016 recap.

We had approximately 20 volunteers and we served 120 recipients in line.  For those of you who were there, you might have noticed a familiar looking stack of items near the end of our line…the unmistakable bright boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (82 boxes)!  It seems the Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Springwoods Service Unit, Troop #1113 donated a bunch of cookies that were very well received.  Thank you so much for the cookies.

While we’re thanking people, A HUGE shout out to Glenna and Lovelace for all your hard work and dedication to the clothing island. It has become a very well oiled part of our giveaways.  Additionally, you can’t forget the ongoing coffee and water station. THANK YOU  to Tim for your ongoing dedication for a very welcome section of the giveaways.IMG_2206

Also this week, our Gettin Knotty Guild met and taught a beginner how to knit (see picture below).  We received 10 washcloth donations and everyone had a great time.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 12 7pm at the Barnes and Noble Arboretum location (10000 Research Blvd, Austin).

Lastly, thank you so much for responding to our low inventory crisis with a big push of donations.  We’re always in need of something, but we were completely out of a lot of things in April.  Many of you visited our “What We Need” page and either used our Amazon wish list or brought items to the giveaway.  To you, we are truly grateful.

Don’t forget…next giveaway is May 15th!


Giveaway Recap – April 2016

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