Hello again everyone!
Since our September giveaway, we’ve gotten some great donations! We were able to color in Maryland…

And we also colored in Wisconsin! We received an email from one of our volunteers that a family member in America’s Dairyland made an Amazon purchase for us, but didn’t put their name or state on it. We’re not sure what they sent, but thanks nonetheless!

We’ve gotten 3 packages with no paperwork so far this month. If you sent us these, thank you!

(If you’d like to claim any of these donations, email us at atxahhdonations@gmail.com)

Unknown toothpaste & underwear unknown combs

It doesn’t seem like it here in Austin, but the cold weather will soon be upon us! Our average first frost here in central Texas is usually around Thanksgiving, but the low temperatures dip into the 40s & 50s well before that. Unfortunately, not everyone experiencing homelessness is able to get into a shelter. As a result, approximately 700 people at-risk of or experiencing homelessness die each year in the United States as a result of hypothermia. Sadly, the Austin area isn’t exempt: Over 1,800 people are experiencing homelessness here at any given time, and roughly 1/3 are unable to find shelter each night. What can we do to help our at-risk residents to stay warm outdoors? 

From now until next February, we’ll be collecting coats, hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, and warm clothes to hand out at our monthly giveaways. Our Gettin’ Knotty group will also be making hats, scarves, and plastic yarn sleeping mats as fast as our hands can knit & crochet them!
We’ve also updated our Amazon wish list for the cold weather months – we’ve added emergency blankets & hand warmers so far, and we’ll be adding more cold weather gear in the next few weeks.
If you’re in the Austin area & would like to help spread the word about the ATXAHH Warmth Drive, please print these flyers & post them around your area – community bulletin boards, local businesses… anywhere!
You can also spread the word by sharing our posts on Facebook & Twitter

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you & ATXAHH Warmth Drive begins!

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