Helping people is what we are all about.  This giveaway we had 41 volunteers serving 138 people – we were like a street fair, with the supply tables, another table for scarves/hats, hot coffee, plus singing and guitar music.  Thank you to all who came to help!

Getting’ Knotty is looking for people who knit, crochet and weave.  We make hats, scarves, gloves and washcloths over the winter months and can really use as many volunteers as possible.  We have a good supply of yarns for you to use!

Also, please check out our Warmth Drive page – it has flyers that you can help us post to make sure that people get the warmth they need in the coming months.  The feedback that we are receiving has indicated a preference for neutral or darker colors (which appeal to both males & females, and darker colors show less dirt) and to make sure that scarves are not too short or too thin.

New volunteers – be sure to check our FAQ page to learn more about getting involved.

See you next month!

Another success from our award winning team!

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