The 50 States Challenge 2015 is over! We received donations from 12 states: 

California, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
We are tickled pink! And blue and green and purple! Thank you to everyone who donated. Happy birthday to us – here’s to another great year!

With the end of our birthday month comes the beginning of fall. It’s easy to forget – it’s still in the 90’s during the day here in Austin! But in just a few short weeks, the temperatures at night will begin to fall into the 50’s and 40’s. In the Austin area alone, over 600 people experiencing homelessness sleep outdoors on any given night. Let’s help keep them warm! ATXAHH is collecting hats, scarves, gloves, coats, and other cold weather clothing to hand out at our giveaways through the fall & winter months. If you’re cleaning out your winter wear & find some things that you just don’t wear anymore, email us! We’ll be happy to pick up your donation. Not in the Austin area? Check out our Amazon wish list. Amazon sends your gift straight to us.

ATXAHH is also in need of basic living items to hand out. Have you been wondering what we need? Here’s our handy traffic light shopping list:

Red Light (We don’t need any more of these items right now):
Feminine hygiene products – pads & tampons (all kinds), pantiliners, feminine wipes
Soap/body wash

Yellow Light (We probably have enough of these items for our next giveaway, but a few more wouldn’t hurt):
Cotton balls & q-tips
Hair elastics
Men’s socks
Women’s socks
Nail clippers
Women’s underwear

Green Light (We REALLY need these items!):
Emergency blankets
Hand warmers
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Dental Care – toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
First aid kits
Body wipes
Bug repellent/wipes
Men’s underwear

Do you have any plastic bags? We could really use some! We go through a lot of them at our giveaways. We can even use the ones with holes in the bottom for plarn! What’s plarn? ATXAHH’s Gettin’ Knotty group members cut the bags into strips, knot them together, and twist them to make plastic yarn. Then the plarn is crocheted into water- and bug-resistant sleeping mats to be handed out at our giveaways.

Do you know what else would help us a lot? If you could share our posts! Email a link to our website, share our posts on Facebook, retweet our posts on Twitter… Spread the word!

Thanks for reading! We hope you are having a wonderful October. See you on the 18th! 
50 States Wrap Up & What We Need for October 18!

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