Our giveaway was a great success!    Starting 5 minutes before schedule, the giveaway lasted about 40 minutes, with approximately 40 volunteers who served an estimate of 128 individuals.  Gettin’ Knotty received 26 handmade washcloths which were all given out.

A huge thank you to all who donated locally and through Amazon.  We couldn’t make our giveaways happen without our fabulous donors.  Also, a huge shout out to all the volunteers who help bring our events to life.  ATXAHH can organize all we want but if we didn’t have the support of our donors the success we had Sunday wouldn’t have been possible.  Thank you!

I know often our volunteers may think all that they are doing is standing around but having the numbers we have is an integral part for a welcoming presence.  We tweak each give away from the last to make things run as smoothly as possible. 

Speaking of running smoothly, did anyone get a load of our wonderful new line runners?  Big thanks to Matt for building these runners to help the people in line feel all is fair and relaxed.  We not only want everyone who volunteer to have a good experience at ATXAHH’s giveaways, but we want the people we come there to serve to have a positive experience too.  Huge thanks Matt, they were a hit!

There are a few behind the scene things to look for that are new to ATXAHH.  Anyone have Instagram?  You do, so does ATXAHH now!  Keep in touch with us through pictures.

As an added feature to our Twitter feed, we are going to be Tweeting a live feed during our giveaways – so keep a lookout for our posts and pictures!

We are also on Pinterest.  Check us out and feel free to pin things that pertain to our group.  We love all things fun and inspirational.

Starting at our next give-away we will have a volunteer sign-in sheet.  This sheet will fulfill several needs for us:
  1. To keep an accurate head count of our volunteers who come.
  2. It will ask how you found out about us.
  3. We can add you to our email list and/ or social media outlets for special announcements and blog posts.
  4. Ask if you’d be interested in either of our auxiliary groups, Beyond the Basics (BtB) or Gettin’ Knotty Guild (GK).
  5. Ask if you’d be interested in being a Donation Pick-up Person.
  6. Lastly, if you are new to our giveaways, we want to make sure you are greeted and informed of our process with our Volunteer 101 sheet.

Last and final announcement, our 6 year anniversary is quickly approaching.  Remember last year we celebrated our 5 year with a 50 States Challenge?  After all was said and done, ATXAHH had donations come by way of our Amazon Wish List and even mailed washcloths for Gettin’ Knotty, from 16 states and even the Dominican Republic.  Announcing, once again, the 50 State Challenge 2.0 and challenge that challenge.  Starting now until the end of September, let’s shade in all states and knock last year’s map out of the park!  ATXAHH needs your help!  Social Media is a wonderful thing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram we have made it easy for you to post and share………. GO!

You can click on the Amazon button on our website anytime you want to go to our wish list.

 **IMPORTANT** If you send us an order from Amazon please add what state you are from in the “Gift Message” section when you check out.  Amazon does NOT show us any of your information (even if your donation isn’t anonymous), so if you don’t add your state, we won’t know which state to color in!  If you are unable to add a gift message for some reason, please email our donations coordinator at atxahhdonations@gmail.com.  Please let her know which state to color in and what’s in your order (for our internal tracking purposes).  Thanks!

We look forward seeing you all August 16th next month!
Wonderful day for a giveaway!

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