ATXAHH is the honored recipient of four national awards bestowed by the Foundation Beyond Belief for our service last year. The Heart of Humanism Awards Dinner will be held in Boston on July 25th. 

Heart of Humanism Award for solid,consistent service in 2014

Most Valuable Volunteer of 2014

Eat. Sleep. Volunteer. Repeat. Award for most volunteer events in 2014

Gimme Food and Shelter Award for best service to people in need in 2014
Here’s our monthly Traffic Light Report, highlighting the travel size items we need for the May 17th giveaway:
RED LIGHT. We do not need any of these items: notepads & pens, feminine hygiene products, lip balm, conditioner, tissues packs, soap bars, body wash
YELLOW LIGHT. We probably have enough of these items but a few more wouldn’t hurt: sunscreen, lotion, dental kits/supplies, hand sanitizer, nail files/clippers, combs, men’s & women’s socks, women’s underwear
GREEN LIGHT. We really need the following items: deodorant, personal first aid kits, bug spray/wipes, emergency blankets, toilet paper, shampoo, men’s underwear, *razors, *wipes (the * means we are completely out of those items)
Check your local stores for deals or browse our Amazon wishlist for these travel size items. You can bring them to the next giveaway or schedule a volunteer to pick them up from your doorstep.

Awards! and Items Needed for the May 17th Giveaway

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