In the summer of 2014, the Beyond Belief Network (BBN) invited two of its teams (ATXAHH and COUNT) to join them in applying for group exemption status with the IRS. On January 26, 2015, ATXAHH was notified the IRS denied the BBN’s group exemption request.  Based on the reasons provided, ATXAHH does not suspect discrimination due to the collective non-belief status of BBN, ATXAHH and COUNT.
In hopeful anticipation of an approval, the tax advisor counseled ATXAHH to send receipts to all donors who contributed beginning with June 8, 2014, because–if approved–our exempt status would be retroactive. You received a receipt via email if you donated to us after June 8, 2014, and provided a valid email address. Since the BBN’s application was denied, your donations to ATXAHH are not considered deductible. Our volunteers are not qualified to provide any consultation on this matter. Please contact a tax advisor or accountant if you need additional information while preparing your tax forms.
At this time, ATXAHH will not apply for its own 501(c)(3) status.  We will continue to accept tangible donations from donors who directly give items to us or order them through our Amazon wishlist but we will no longer issue receipts for those donations. Additionally, we will no longer accept financial donations made directly payable to ATXAHH. The PayPal button on our website has been removed to reflect that change.
We hope this news does not discourage you from donating to us again. We’d like to think you support our efforts because it’s the altruistic thing to do; not because it might give you a tax break.
Onward….we have a February 15th giveaway that needs our focus!
Important Notice to Our Donors

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