It’s that time of year when organizations flood your inboxes and mailboxes with requests to help causes that are near and dear to you. Some groups try to win your hearts (and some of that thin, rectangular green stuff that’s tucked in your wallet) with appeals to your emotions. We’ll try a different approach: Facts.  We simply don’t have enough of certain items to serve everyone at our December 14th giveaway.

Fact: We consistently serve more than 100 people in our giveaway line each month.

Fact: We currently have less than 25 deodorant sticks, 0 lip balm and 0 wipes.

Fact: Every single item we receive goes from your hands to ours and into the hands of those who need it most. If you donate cash, it is used to purchase items for our giveaways. Our volunteers donate 100% of their time to ATXAHH. No one is compensated for their effort.

Fact: We need help to fill these bins before December 14th!
the sad state of 3 of our bins
What we need the most: lip balm, small packages of wipes, deodorant sticks, small tissue packs
If we can get more of these, it would be great: mini first aid kits, winter hand warmers (the kind you snap to emit heat), emergency blankets
Visuals of these items can be found on our amazon wish list.  Additionally, we’re replenishing our stock of winter wear for the Gettin’ Knotty Warmth Drive
Our donors and supporters are awesome. You’ve come through before and we know it can happen again. We have volunteers from Georgetown to Kyle who are available to pick up donated items. Just contact us to arrange a time. Thanks!
Just the facts, ma’am.

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