…to go shopping…to be jolly…to do good deeds. We’re gearing up to do & be all three for our December 14th giveaway.

Thanks to all the donors and volunteers who helped with our November giveaway. Twenty-three volunteers helped 120 people stock up on basic living supplies.

We even had some musical accompaniment, thanks to Joe, one of the original founders of AHH.

Our next giveaway is Sunday, December 14th. Please mark your calendars to join us at 8:50 am. We usually need the most help at set up and break down so timeliness is next to GOODliness.
We always accept items on our donation list and we’re looking for some particulars for this next giveaway:
  • lip balm (really important as cold temps arrive, chapped lips = cracked lips = no fun)
  • deodorant
  • winter gear for our Gettin’ Knotty Guild’s Warmth Drive (Psst…IKEA has some great blankets for $1.99 each)
  • thick men’s socks
  • emergency blankets
  • personal first aid kits
Speaking of first aid kits, Dollar Tree and Target had some in stock over the weekend so check your local stores.  You can also make some first aid kits if you’re so inclined. The important thing is to make sure each kit contains the same items and no medication (no aspirin, antacids, etc) because we do not distribute any medication of any kind.
Don’t forget to remember to like our FaceBook page. A contest will be announced via FaceBook on Wednesday, November 19th!
‘Tis the Season…

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