Hi everyone!  Just a quick announcement…If there’s a Big Lots near you, stop by this Sunday, October 5th, with the coupon below and help us stock up on toiletries.  They usually have travel size items for as little as $0.25-$0.50 each…then you’ll get 20% off on top of it!  Click here for a list of what we accept. We’ll even pick up the items from your doorstep if you contact us. Our next giveaway is October 19th so the timing is perfect.

PS:  We’re making a few design changes to our website over the next few weeks. Hope it looks good on your screen! We’ve also started our We Are ATXAHH campaign on our FaceBook and Twitter feeds.  Go read what our volunteers are saying!

PPS:  Gather up your unused fall/winter clothing items. We’ll take ’em!

Put on your shopping shoes!

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