What a great morning! Since we celebrated our 5 year anniversary this month, there were lots of good treats to share with the 125+ people in our giveaway line, compliments of the many talented bakers among our volunteer ranks.

Some of our volunteers met up for a post-giveaway celebration at Central Market where we enjoyed good company and handwritten cards from local, national and international (!!!) supporters who wanted to congratulate us.  Thanks for the love, good people!


Now that the seasons are changing, we’ll start collecting fall and winter gear.  Check your closets for unused cooler weather clothes and accessories for men and women, including:

  • jackets and coats
  • gloves, hats and scarves (Our Gettin’ Knotty guild is going to knit some, too!)
  • long sleeve shirts
  • jeans, pants and thermal wear 
  • sleeping bags and blankets in good condition (twin size is preferable for the sake of portability)
  • socks (We prefer new socks because they wear out so easily but we’ll need lots of socks over the next few months.)

We’re happy to collect those items along with any other items you may have to donate. Contact us to request a pick up. If you have something but you’re unsure if we can distribute it, just ask!

In the meantime, mark your calendars for our next giveaway on October 19th. October promises to be a good month for our social media pages as we spotlight some of our volunteers via our We Are ATXAHH campaign. Don’t miss it! You’ll find FaceBook and Twitter links on the right sidebar of this website.

Here’s to (at least) 5 more years!

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